Correcting Verticals This tutorial shows how to correct verticals using the Transform feature.

Photoshop users may find this tutorial helpful in resizing images for entry into club competitions. Please note, however, that the maximum file size for the club TV is now 3840p x 2160p as opposed to 1400 x 1050 referred to in the tutorial. Resize For Club Competitions

This tutorial shows how to correct a colour caste in an image. The beauty of this method is that the original image creates its own correction filter. It works with older versions of photoshop and elements.Colour Caste Correction

This tutorial shows how to set up a Dodge and Burn layer.Dodge Burn Tutorial

High Pass SharpeningA tutorial showing how to sharpen an image using the high pass filter without altering the background layer.

Using Unsharp MaskThis tutorial covers the sharpening of a large 20Mb image and a smaller 2Mb image.

Multiply LayerThis tutorial shows a quick way to add depth to colour in an image.

Creating Transparency How to create and save transparent areas in an image. Very useful in audio visual production and desktop publishing.